Apart from its production activities, our company publishes books and works and distributes them free of charge in order to contribute to the cultural life of our country, especially the Turkish Language Day events celebrated in Karaman every year. This activity is carried out under the management of our founding partner İbrahim Rıfkı BOYNUKALIN. In line with our book publishing activity that we started in 2011, 5 books have been published.

The titles of the works are as follows.

* (2011) Turkey, Karaman and Ani Biscuits * (2012) Economic and Social Development of Karaman * (2013) Pir Ahmet from Karaman Beys * (2014) Memories from Karaman and Ankara * (2015) Karaman in the National Struggle

Those who prepare a work related to Karaman can send it to our company for review with the Work Proposal Form. After the proposed study is evaluated by our company, it will be published if deemed appropriate.

Our founding partner Ömer Nazım BOYNUKALIN, as the President of the Karamanoğu Mehmet Bey University Sustainability and Enforcement Foundation, provided the land for the realization of Karamanoğu Mehmet Bey University, where 19 thousand students study in Karaman, as a foundation (2 million m2 of land), the construction of one of the campuses and the university as a foundation. ensured the planting of 2000 saplings in the campus.

Again, as a foundation, a 3700 m2 5-storey building was allocated for the School of Nursing. Necessary initiatives and contacts were made for the opening of the Aviation School in Karaman, affiliated to the Turkish Aeronautical Association, and the school was made ready for the 2016 academic year.

He acted as the vice president of the Karaman Nursing Home Association and the building was transferred to the Social Services Directorate of the Ministry of Social Security.

By making voluntary blood donations from 1450 employees of our company, saplings were planted on the Mut-Mersin road. In addition, he voluntarily contributed to the activities in the construction of the Kızılay Girls' Dormitory, and the 210-bed facility was commissioned.