A Year Full Of Success ...

In Line With The 2013 Data Of The Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), İn The Survery We Ranked 208th Out Of 1000 Companies That Export The Most İn Turkey, And Ranked 435th İn The List Of Turkey's 500 Largest Industrial Companies.

And Hard Work Rewards...

We Are Among 500 Largest Companies İn Turkey.

Turkey's 500 Largest Companies

Turkey's Second List Of 500 Largest Companies.

The Aim İs Quality Production And Customer Satisfaction.

The Aim İs Quality Production And Customer Satisfaction. It İs For This Reason That; Took Place Among The Second 500 Largest Firms İn Our Country. New Production Lines: Cocoa Cream Mosaic Biscuits, Hazelnut Biscuit And Chocolate Drip Biscuit Line Was Put İnto Production. With 900 Employees Reached 180 Tons Per Day Production Capacity, 180 Diferent Types Of Products İntroduced To Consumers İn Our Country And 78 Countries Around The World. So That Everyone Can Taste Our Products We Continue To Proceed Without Stopping.

Success Comes From Efforts.

For The 4th Time Took İts Place İn The Second 500 Largest Companies İn Turkey. In Addition, The Wafer Line Was Renewed.

Most Trusted Brand İn Its Brand

It Proved İts Taste İn İts Products By Winning The 2008 Most Trusted Consumer Quality Brand Award. It Took İts Place Among The Second 500 Big Companies For The Third Time.

Third Largest Cake Producer

With İts Third Cake Line It Became The Third Largest Cake Producer İn Cake Production

2 Layer Cake Production

A Second Cake Line Was Established For More Taste To Its Customers.

2 Times More Production of Wafer

Capacity Doubled With Second Wafer Line

New Nougat Bar Line Is Introduced

With its New Chocolate Nougat Bar Line It Reached 100 Different Varieties

Big Investment For Chocolate Production

With A Completely Different Investment It said “We Are Also Here”. Entered Local and International Chain Supermarkets.

Sugar Candy And Hazelnut Cream Production Line

Continued To Sweeten Mouths With Investments in Sugar And Hazelnut Cream Lines.

Big Investment in Cake Line

Introduced the 1st Cake Line Investment And Presented New Products to the Appreciation of its Customers.

Continue Its Success ...

Again Among Turkey's Second 500 Largest Companies.

Wafer And Cake Line Established

It Continued On its Way By Successfully Introducing Wafer And Cake Lines.

Step By Step Moving Towards the Top in Export

It Continued to Spread the Taste By Exporting To 20 Countries.

With its Rising Value Took its Place in The Second 500.

In a Short Time It Managed To Take its Place Among The Second 500 Largest Companies İn Turkey.

The Second Biscuit Line Was Established.

It Reached 45 Varieties by Starting the Second Biscuit Line.

First Production

40With 40 Employees, 20 Tons Per Day Production Presented its Flavors to its Customers.

First Establishment Of Anı Biskuvi

Turkey's Rising Value, Anı Biskuvi, was Born in Karaman.